The purpose of nfswatch is to monitor an NFS server.


nfswatch monitors all incoming network traffic to an NFS file server and divides it into several categories. The number and percentage of packets received in each category is displayed on the screen in a continuously updated display. The screen is updated every ten seconds by default.


nfswatch was originally written by Dave Curry and Jeff Mogul. The latest version they distributed dates back from 1996.

Lately, I have become interested in porting this software to the Linux environment and, in agreement with the original authors, have decided to continue the development of nfswatch on SourceForge.

The current version of nfswatch is 4.99.9, and is available from the sourceforge page. The code compiles cleanly and runs on different flavors of Linux, on Solaris, and probably on IRIX. It can now handle NFS v3 calls and is able to decode Linux file handles. I'm currently looking for help to implement IPv6 support.

The latest changes:

There is an nfswatch package in Fedora. So installing nfswatch on your Fedora box should be as easy as typing:


Here is a kind of TODO/wish list:


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